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Columbia, Pennsylvania
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Architectural Elements have always been a
fascination of mine.  They are the details of
the structures surrounding us that are so
often overlooked during our busy day-to-day
lives.  Each grate, gate, lentil, corbel and
facade offer us a glimpse into how artisans
have captured the fabric of our lives and
frozen them in time by creating them using
iron, concrete and wood.
Architectural Elements
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Face Grate
Image Size:  8.5"x 11"
Circle Grate
Image Size:  8.5"x 11"
Bank Grate
Star Grate
$ 32.00
Image Size:  8.5"x 11"
Image Size:  8.5"x 11"
$ 32.00
$ 32.00
$ 32.00