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As you visit each of the galleries at this
site remember that each piece of art has
been created by using the 'stippling'
technique(unless otherwise noted).  The
colorization of some pieces is achieved by
watercolouring before and after the
'stippled' image is completed.         
Digital prints of each piece are available
to purchase .
 Many are available in a
number of sizes.  Some are
quality inks.            
Each piece is ready for matting and framing.  
(custom matting and framing is available at
the gallery only and not on-line.)
About Us
How To Purchase:

  • Each image available for sale has a title and a listing of size options
  • Each size option has a corresponding price.
  • Shipping and packaging fees vary and are determined by size, weight
    and destination. Please contact me for final costs.
  • Methods of payment:  Visa, Master Card, Discover. Check or Cash
All designs, artworks, photographs and content on this website are registered U.S. Copy
rights.  All rights are reserved.  No part of this website may be used or reproduced in any
form whatsoever without written permission from Jonal Gallery and Dale Weibley Designs. name is Dale Weibley.  I
am a Professional artist who enjoys
pen and ink artistry.  Most of my work
is accomplished by using a technique
"stippling", where Images are
created by using individual
'dots' of
ink.  This is a very time consuming
and, to some, a very arduous task.  
Some graphic artists chose to use
computer programs to achieve similar

My background consists of Interior
Design, Graphic Design and
Sculpture.  After more than three
decades of being affiliated with
the Interior Design business (I am
still a Professional Member of the
Interior Design Society,I.D.S.) I
decided to re-invent myself.  My
love of art and creative passion
was looking for an outlet that
would be satisfying and
supportive.  The creation of my art
and my supporting gallery has
proven to be such an outlet.

All pieces will be 'flat' shipped to your residence or business.
effects.  I find computer images to be lacking in the nuances that can
only be achieved by the human hand.  The act of creating an image a
'dot' at a time, I find, to be very satisfying and fulfilling.  Some of the
pieces are a combination of stippling and straight line drawing, while
others are completely straight line drawings.